Timer - Mechanical - Round, Red, Retro

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Round Red Retro Timer

Great looking mechanical timer!
Once you start using this very stylish red retro timer, you'll never want to be without it & all of your friends will want one too!
Bright red so that you can find it in the kitchen amongst your other appliances.
Simply rotate the top part, the dial, clockwise to the time you desire & set it down. The heavy magnetic metal base will keep it just where you place it!
The red section gradually disappears, showing you the amount of time left before your timing is finished.
When the time is finished the timer will sound a bell-type sound to let you know.

If you are timing something for less than 30 minutes, we recommend you rotate the dial to the 30 minute mark and bring it back by hand to your chosen time. This will give you a longer bell sound at the end of your timing.
Made from steel, powder coated Red, Heavy magnetic base.

Dial size:48mm diameter x 10mm high
Base size: 73mm diameter x 22mm high

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